This Is Then show Flyers & Posters

With the This Is Then show coming up at The Tin (10th-19th September) I’ve started distributing flyers & posters to select establishments in Coventry and beyond. There is now also a dedicated page for the This Is Then show at The Tin. In the meantime you can check out some of my work as part of the ‘2 Tone: Lives & Legacies’ exhibition at The Herbert where you should also be able to pick up a This Is Then flyer, or click here to grab a pdf version.

Tickets for the Attrition gig (with DJ Mark Cook) on the 10th September are available here, plus there is now info up on The Tin’s website.

Pete Chambers, Cov Music Champion, at the Coventry Music Museum

Pete Chambers, Cov Music Champion, at the Coventry Music Museum with a poster for the September 2021 This Is Then show @ The Tin

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Site Migration

Just moved the site to a much better & more solid hosting provider (Mythic Beasts) and I’m starting to move parts of the site away from WordPress. Still a few bits to sort out – but site shouldn’t fall over like it did with previous hosting provider.
In a few weeks I’m start uploading a couple more sets of images I’ve dug up + putting up more details of the This Is Then show @ The Tin – 10th – 19th September – with Attrition playing on the opening friday night.

In the meantime check out the 2-tone show @ the Herbert.

Setting up @ The Herbert

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2021: @ The Herbert, @ The Tin

Office Depot Bulldog Clip

I’ve got 2 large prints plus a 20 minute image projection as part of the Herberts 2 Tone: Lives & Legacies show, there is also a good section on Martin Bowes’ Alternative Sounds and much else besides.

Thanks to the Herbert for asking me to take part, in particular thanks to Suzie Osborne (no relation) for expert measuring, hammering & generally sorting out getting my prints hung up on the wall, awesome.

The Herbert show is on until mid September.

This Is Then @ The Tin: 10th – 19th September 2021

Finally: Attrition & DJ Mark Cook will be launching things on Friday 10th Sept, the show will fill the Tin (including the workshop space) with my large format prints.

I’ll also be doing some kind of performance thing with Alex Miles on the Sunday, plus there will be a sound/image code workshop with Ashely James Brown during the week of the 13th Sept, should be pretty neat.

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Show @ The Tin: Rescheduled again

As you will have noticed, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, so with the venues support, I’ve had to further push back the show at The Tin – it wont be in September – it will now be mid February 2021 – assuming circumstances allow the event and activities to safely go ahead.
Inside The Tin

Inside The Tin

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Show @ The Tin: Rescheduled

At the start of the week I took the decision to reschedule the This Is Then show at The Tin. This exhibition and gig and performance and workshop has been in development on and off for over ten years – from images I took 40 years ago. But pandemics and gigs don’t mix well.

My decision has the full support of The Tin who have kindly offered alternatives dates – so circumstances allowing we will be rescheduling the show for September 2020, with the launch and Attrition gig on friday 18th September and the show hanging at The Tin until 28th Sept.

There will still be the same program of events with both my ‘audio reactive performative visuals’ colaboration with Alex Miles and Ashley James Browns Processing Community Day, Coventry going ahead.

Stay safe.

prints in archival boxes

Prints rolled up in archival boxes – they can wait

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this is then

A visual record of the Coventry music scene 1979-1981 by Mark Osborne.

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