Ashley James Brown, Processing Community Day Coventry

Monday 13th September, 11am – 5pm

Ashley James Brown

Ashley is an internationally respected artist and developer based in Coventry UK creating emotive nostalgic experiences using code, electronics and sound. Ashley has over 12 years experience working professionally with a wide variety of cutting edge and non-traditional software and hardware.

Within his own practice Ashley explores shared emotive experiences using technology as his medium to create his own digital playgrounds. Involved with mental health organisations and promoting positive social interactions, all his work uses game psychology and game dynamics to immerse audiences and create a sense of ownership and empathy with the experiences. He teaches creative coding to all ages and has been involved with the Processing Foundation delivering community days and working on the newly launched Processing website.

This Is Now

Creative Coding using Processing for Beginners.

An introduction to creative coding delivered by Digital Artist Ashley James Brown. This workshop covers the basic topics for beginners to get up and running building creative visuals that respond to sound. No coding experience neccesary. A fantastic intro for artists wishing to use digital tools within their practice, or for those who wish to get into coding through non conventional approaches.

Bring your own computer with the software installed.


Tech Spec

Software: Processing 3.5.4 - this is free, cross platform, Open Source software - please install in advance of the workshop.