Eyeless In Gaza – in colour – in Heaven

This is the last of my films from the 1979-81 era, the only one in colour – the much traveled Eyeless In Gaza playing at Heaven (the really neat London club where I also remember a great gig from Tuxedomoon) – not really sure of the date and I think I may have the shots in reverse order. Also not sure if the double exposures are me being clever or happy accidents from a screwy camera.

Note I’ve also got a set from Furious Apples playing at the Wolfe which will go up in the near future & theres going to be more promo for the This Is Then show @ The Tin just a few short weeks away in September.

Eyeless In Gaza - in colour - in Heaven

Eyeless In Gaza playing in Heaven

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A visual record of the Coventry music scene 1979-1981 by Mark Osborne.

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