Processing Community Day Coventry

Just made a dedicated page for Ashley James Brown’s Processing Community Day Coventry coding workshop. This will be on Monday 13th September, 11am–5pm and is aimed at Cov creatives interested in checking out code for creative purposes. Is a really good chance I will talk a bit about my coding efforts in making the images for this show. Further info on the Processing Community Day Coventry coding workshop page.

dithered Ashley James Brown

Ashley James Brown

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Eyeless In Gaza – in colour – in Heaven

This is the last of my films from the 1979-81 era, the only one in colour – the much traveled Eyeless In Gaza playing at Heaven (the really neat London club where I also remember a great gig from Tuxedomoon) – not really sure of the date and I think I may have the shots in reverse order. Also not sure if the double exposures are me being clever or happy accidents from a screwy camera.

Note I’ve also got a set from Furious Apples playing at the Wolfe which will go up in the near future & theres going to be more promo for the This Is Then show @ The Tin just a few short weeks away in September.

Eyeless In Gaza - in colour - in Heaven

Eyeless In Gaza playing in Heaven

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Tin Show – Covid Info

Some important info from The Tin – particularly for the Atrition gig on 10th September.

As we move into the easing up of restrictions we are committed to keeping our gig goers, our performers and staff safe.

We encourage attendees to continue to wear masks if they choose to and also be mindful of others. Although there are currently no rules in place which insist gig attendees provide a Covid ‘passport’, PLEASE take a test ahead of attending our events; lateral flow tests are a simple and free way of making sure you are safe before entering a gig – order yours here –…

Please do not attend if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are displaying symptoms. If you aren’t feeling well, please stay at home and get better soon! #takeatest #bekind

Lastly, in order for us to staff and manage our event effectively, please buy a ticket in advance. By ordering a ticket we have a mechanism to contact you directly, via email, should there be any last minute changes.

Thank you, The Tin

face mask

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London Calling

As part of my current full spectrum promotional efforts for Septembers This Is Then show, probably the UK’s best indie record store (well certainly the best in Broadwick Street) Sounds Of The Universe (also home to the mighty Soul Jazz Records) now has a This Is Then poster up on the wall (well the side panel of a record rack).

Thanks Karl!

Sounds Of The Universe with This Is Then poster

The vinyl packed interior of Sounds Of The Universe, now with added This Is Then poster.

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this is then

A visual record of the Coventry music scene 1979-1981 by Mark Osborne.

A work in progress.

© 2011, 2021 Mark Osborne