Urge, Kevin Harrison, Bron Area, Eyeless In Gaza

Three sets of images, mostly experiments in long exposures.

Urge, long exposures at The Climax – not very good attempts – but at least we all get to see what the seating arrangements were like…

Eyeless In Gaza, Kevin Harrison and Bron Area at The Climax, 3rd April 1980, a very early Eyeless gig and the shot of Kevin Harrisons 20 minute guitar improvisation is one of my best shots (+ used as the basis for the cover artwork of his Inscrutably Obvious album).

Possibly my final film of the 1979-81 scene – Kevin Harrison doing a solo set at the General Wolfe for which I provided a 2 projector slideshow.

Kevin Harrison, The Climax, 3rd April 1980

Kevin Harrison, The Climax, 3rd April 1980

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  • Martyn Bates

    Hi Mark – fab site, of course, of course. You mention above about Kevin H using a shot from this gig for INSCRUTABLY OBVIOUS way back. ( I didn’t realise, for some reason – ) Fab Eyeless shots too … nice one you – documenting all this stuff. Do you have a web site/links that explore all that creativity that gave birth to the OBVIOUS PROJECTS etc? its a rich area, isn’t it ? LOTS of unexplored, worthwhile work there) Anyways! … fact, we ‘d like to use a couple of shots as part of the a sleeve for a limited edition release if thats ok ( 500 copies) retrospective (3 cd job!!) that we are planning to put out in the very near future on AMBIVALENT SCALE ( yep, it still exists, limping along along on half a shoestring, as ever …the voice of independence lives on!!). I could send you the latest solo and band releases on A-Scale, still doing that crazy thang – still chock full o’ music, ;lots more to come too ..even if the things come full circle again re ‘means of production’/ cottage industry scale etc. No matter!!!! ( i last saw you in a vision at Dave W.’s URGE benefit, didn’t i? Hmmmm?!!! ..yes, surely!!) Anyways, hope all’s well + Regards – Martyn.

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