The Chords outside Tiffanys, plus The End at the Heath Hotel

First a few shots of a band posing at the rear entrance of Tiffanys, are they a band with a support slot at Tiffanys or just thought it would be a neat spot for photos: who knows? [ apparently its The Chords most likely supporting The Jam at Tiffanys ]. Plus on the same film a short set of The End playing at the Heath Hotel.

Unknown band posing round the back of Tiffanys

Unknown band posing round the back of Tiffanys


  • Rich

    That band is The Chords. Major Mod revival band from South London. Supported The Jam (and sounded quite a lot like them) and had a minor hit with ‘Maybe Tomorrow’. Great band.

    Got to say as well that this is a fantastic site! Love the 2 Tone-related pictures but all of them are a great view of what must have been a fantastic time to be going to gigs in Coventry.

  • marko

    thanks for checking out the site & the kind words.

    I’ll update the bands name.

    As these shots are round the back of major venue Tiffanys & I dont have any shots of The Jam this was probably a gig I didn’t manage to blag my way in to.


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