The Clique, Swanswell Tavern, 1979 (updated)

Just uploaded short set of The Clique at the Swanswell Tavern, which was a great back room of a pub type of venue. This is the other half of the film with the Wild Boys Zodiac gig on it, so shot sometime mid 1979.
Update – thanks to Chris Norbury (Clique gituarist) – the gig was on Thursday 19th July, 1979. Chris also supplied the bands line up that night – which was Caron Joyce (vocals), Brian Hewetson (bass), Chris Norbury (gituar), Allan Pollock (drums) and Andy Phillips (guitar), they were supporting the Targets who unfortunately I didn’t photograph.


Chris Norbury, Clique, Swanswell Tavern, 19th July, 1979

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  • Chris Norbury

    a.k.a. the band that wouldn’t stand still – but I recognise those young faces all the same. July 19th 1979. Pure fun.

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