• Roy Spencer

    Hi Mark

    The date was 19 May 1979 and it cost 60p to get in. According to my records, the headline band was The Extras, who had changed their name to The Wild Boys by the next time that I saw them, at the Swanswell Tavern, on 5 July of that year.


  • marko

    With this forensic level of information do yo have any ideas about the Selecter set below which Alan Rider thinks might be from the Specials City Centre Club gig (where I know I shot two rolls of the Specials which didn’t come out).

  • Roy Spencer

    Sorry, Mark – I didn’t make it to the Specials/Selecter gig, so I don’t have any info. Alan is probably right – the date is confirmed on this page about Pete Chambers’ Two-Tone Trail: http://www.coventrycity-mad.co.uk/feat/edb2/doing_the_two_tone_trail_466736/index.shtml


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