• chris

    brilliant pictures mark….looking forward to going through the lot!

    chris aka craig guatamala -) the swinging cats

  • marko

    hi chris
    great to have you checking out this stuff – & thanks for all that brilliant DJing way back when


  • chris

    thanks mark -i’m still dj’ing – that’s my life now for the last 35 years!

    i made a rare trip to coventry on saturday to play in the albany!

    are you on fb?
    find me – chrisrhythmdoctor

  • mark dixon

    This is a fabulous site. These photos reflect what a saw as a 16 year old following all the local coventry bands.

    Many thanks

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A visual record of the Coventry music scene 1979-1981 by Mark Osborne.

A work in progress.

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