Stiff Little Fingers, Tiffanys, 1979

Stiff Little Fingers playing Tiffanys, not sure of the date or the name of the support band (Roy Spencer below thinks its probably June 1979 & the support band was The Starjets). Includes a faint shot of the Tiffanys bar, home to the most watered down beer in Coventry.
Support band, Stiff Little Fingers, Tiffanys

Sean Martin, The Starjets supporting Stiff Little Fingers, Tiffanys


  • Roy Spencer

    Hi Mark

    Stiff Little Fingers played at Tiffany’s twice during 1979. The first gig was on 7 June but Jake Burns lost his voice and so Henry Cluney carried the lead vocal for most of the set. The band promised to make up for things by returning to the venue soon afterwards with a cut-price gig and – true to their word – appeared again on 18 October.

    Support for the 7 June date was Belfast’s The Starjets, who I think are pictured here, so that must be the date of the gig. Tickets were £2. The support band on 18 October was The Donkeys, from Wakefield. Tickets for thet one were only £1.75.

  • marko

    thanks for the info Roy, have updated the post.

  • Paul Gernon

    I was at both those gigs the second one was on The School Holidays Tour and for SLF fans was the best of the two gigs but The Starjets were great and there was something really punk about Jake Burns losing his voice even though punk was dead by ’79 – but SLF were always great in their own right anyway… The very best of memories and sadly for future generations NEVER to be repeated…

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