Squad, Swansell Tavern, date unknown

Squad led by the late great Gus Chambers, letting it all hang out, live and direct at the Swanswell Tavern. Another really faint film made visible with a bit of full on photoshop. Set has one quite sorted shot of Gus and a few decent audience shots.

This looks to be the last of my films that I have scanned. Gary Cox of Protege emailed me a contact sheet of a lost film so there may be a few strays yet to turn up but this is pretty much it.

The site is going to remain live so please feel free to continue to add comments, correct my mistakes and generally fill in the huge gaps in my memories of the time.

Next I’m going to try and get some funding to at the very least do some real prints and an exhibition based on all this stuff – don’t hold your breath on this as its taken me since 2009 to get this far. Many thanks to everyone who has got in touch and contributed to the site.

Take a look at this! Gus Chambers, Squad, Swanswell Tavern

Take a look at this! Gus Chambers, Squad, Swanswell Tavern


  • steve young

    Hi I am Steve Young used to be in Squad (Drummer) have just been looking at pics brought some great memories back. Would like to hear from anyone who knew me back then or interested contact me at my wife’s email i do not have one yet she will pass on all correspondence can’t wait to hear from anyone (wife’s name Julie)

  • marko


    you’ll need to stick the email address into the comment for it to be visible

    + glad you found site


  • Nicola

    Hi Mark
    I’m from the Belgrade Theatre and we’re getting ready for our production next season of Three Minute Heros. We’ve loved discovering your images from this era and hearing about your plans for an exhibition etc.
    Perhaps you could drop me a line when you get a chance?

  • Alex Leake

    Steve, like the photo and would be keen to see more. I was on stage that night, think with Keith Bailey of The V Babies we were doing the backing to 8£a week!!
    Please respond.

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