Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Spizzenergi, Birmingham Odeon

Banshees, Cure and Spizz playing Brum Odeon 19th September 1979. This is the nearest I’ve got to a set of the Human Cabbages, as its Steve Teers interviewing Siouxie (just visible to the far left of the first shot). This set has a few interesting soundcheck shots, the fabulous Spizz at the foot of the bill, then Robert Smith on guituar in both his own band The Cure and helping out for the Banshees.

Siouxsie Sioux backstage, Birmingham Odeon, 1979

Siouxsie Sioux backstage, Birmingham Odeon, 1979


  • Pauline Perkins

    Thank you for this. I wanted to find a reference to the gig, as, aged 15 & on a school night, I was there. It was a memorable night, for many reasons & on lots of levels, as The Cure were such a massive favourite – to get to see them as the support band was amazing and fortuitous – and, with Robert Smith playing in both bands…..the planets had aligned. To really ice that fantastic gig cake, Spizz, from my home town of Solihull and real, living and breathing local punk rock stars, (I was a school with one of their brothers) were also playing….doing a proper gig, at a real venue & not at Youth Club or the Tech.
    Just magical. One of my earliest proper gigs and I loved it so. Went in my school blazer and school tie (as you could then), I was getting to know many punk faces in town and was being gently absorbed and accepted into our extended punk family, as one of the ‘babies’. Around that time – ’79 -’80, I also saw Buzzcocks and Joy Division (unbelievable – just before Ian Curtis died), also at the Odeon; Iggy at the Co-op Suite (really, I know…); Penetration at Digbeth Civic; Crass at Digbeth Civic; the Clash and Ian Dury at Top Rank (again, on a school night) and, at the Rock Against Racism gigs and punk discos, met local bands and kindred souls, many of whom became life-long friends and family. Drongos For Europe; GBH (half of the guys were from Shirley, so we knew them already); CID a.k.a the Mau Mau and the prototype Wretched. Thank you.

  • Pauline Perkins

    Slits at the Cedar; Chelsea; Dexys all over the place lol….
    Sorry, not actually Coventry, apologies.

  • Doug Manton

    Great comment from PP – loved Brum in the late 70s – I was at this gig plus Adam and the Ants at Digbeth Civic Hall when they were punk not painted (Yardley skins ended that night) plus The Jam at the Bingley Hall plus UK Subs at Barbarellas.
    Loved being a Lucas apprentice with you MS Perkins – in fact I sold you my UK Subs LP (clear vinyl of course) in 1980.
    Happy days at the Opposite Lock and the Rum Runner ??

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