More lots of stuff

Updates to a few sets of images and a few stray shots.

More images added to the Cure set at Warwick Uni.

Three more images from the start of the Eyeless In Gaza Moonlight Club gig.

Two images of (I think) The Accused opening for Urge and UK Subs at Digbeth Civic Hall.

A couple of promo shots of (I think) The End – well it has Dave Gedney and Jerome in the lineup.

A couple of shots of Mef in an unknown band at the Zodiac (these shots where at the start of the Machine/Nine Below Zero film).

And finally two shots of what Alan Rider thinks is Clique playing at the Zodiac (update: but apparently according to Chris Norbury of the Clique it isn’t, so mystery band playing at the Zodiac) [ & which now turns out to be The Opinions from Brum – thanks to Loz below for info on the band ]..

If you can add to, confirm or otherwise the correct the info on any of these drop a comment.

I’ve got a final set of a Cov favourite going up next week and thats pretty much all my negs from this time scanned, processed and up online. Not that I plan to stop there.

Possibly the Clique (and looking pretty neat whoever they are), Zodiac, date unknown

Possibly the Clique (and looking pretty neat whoever they are), Zodiac, date unknown


  • Paul Panic

    Hi Mark, amazing to see those pics of me and the band onstage at Digbeth with Urge and U.K Subs after all these years, so yes I can confirm the 2 pics are of The Accused, I was the singer the gig was Oct 23rd 1979. Are those the only 2 you have of us?.

  • marko

    great stuff – I’ve updated the post
    those two frames are all I have – they only came to light when I went matching frame numbers of all the stray negs


  • Chris Norbury

    Thanks again Mark – those two shots at the Zodiac aren’t the Clique, though there’s an uncanny resemblance (but Brian’s bass was a Rickenbacker copy). Can’t put a name to them. But you’ve got to love the rococo table doubling up as a PA stand!
    Great work – much appreciated.
    All the best,

  • Sam Baxter

    Hi Mark,
    Bit of a long shot I know, but I don’t suppose amongst your rolls of film you have any shots of The Method? Probably not as well known as most bands on here, but there are some that still remember us. We played the Coventry circuit 1979-81 at the usual haunts, The Wolfe, The Climax, The Plough, Lanchester Poly, Warwick Uni, Red House, Hope and Anchor… and others which I can’t recall now, it’s so long ago.
    It would be very interesting to see any pics from that era.
    Cheers, Sam

  • marko

    sorry – whats up here is pretty much it

  • Loz

    Hi there-I can confirm that the last pic at the zodiac was actually Birmingham band The Opinions showing max on bass and Julie on vocals I used to knock around with this band and I had a hand in getting the cov gig as I also had a few contacts in cov-great to see this pic are there any more of this gig ? Cheers brummie loz

  • marko

    Cool – will update the post.

    & thats all I had on this lot.


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