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First lot of scans that I’ve tided is now in the site.

Coventry Carnival Against Racism, Hearsall Common, 28th April, 1979
These were the first shots I took of bands, a few of them were the first of my photos to appear in Alternative Sounds.

Two lots of Eyeless In Gaza images, Lanch Main Hall with The Silence and Lanch Downstairs Bar with This Heat.

Crimnal Class at Club 77, Nuneaton, 1980 including a few exterior shots.

Densa at the Zodiac, 14th November 1979



  • Alan Rider

    Looking back now, the Zodiac looks more like someones front room that a venue. I went to some really poorly attended gigs there too. At one I was the only one in the audience! I quite liked it, but it was a bit grim as a venue. Handy for the Parsons Nose though for a bag of chips after! Like so many of the old venues its long gone now of course.

  • marko

    Yup, dives like the Zodiac and Swanswell were the heart of the scene – and last time I looked at least the Swanswell hadn’t been turned into a car park or ‘exciting new retail development’.

  • Phil Clarke

    I played there with Steve Parker of “Bron Area” when we were part of “Fantaccini Playground” – God knows when, must have been ’78 or ’79.

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