Homicide, The End, Matrix Hall

Just uploaded shots of The End (without Dave Gedney) supporting Homicide (with Bev on vocals). The film is in a bit of a state with some fogging, but its the only shots I have of that lineup. And I’d be grateful to hear from anyone who recognises the venue (update – which is of course the Matrix Hall – thanks Ray).
Homicide, The End


  • Ray Kelleher

    Mark the Venue for the End Homicide gig was the Matrix Hall up on flechamsted Highway , actually i think that there was a hell of a lot more bands on that bill , from what i remember it was an all day festival …

  • marko


    great stuff , thanks for that Ray – is possible is further material from this gig – these shots finished off a film of the Angelic Upstarts playing at Tiffanys.

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