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Yo! this is then is live.
This website is a home for all the shots I took of the cov music scene, back in the day, the idea being over the next few months to digitise, process and upload them here. Hopefully visitors to the site be able to fill some of the large gaps in my memory of who’s in the the shots and when and where they were taken…



  • ray kelleher

    Wow Mark there are some great photos here , the one’s from Hersal common are brilliant loads old faces …
    Keep em coming Mark …
    Ray (ex homicide )

  • marko

    Should be some Homicide shots sometime over the next few weeks.


  • tim hull

    brilliant !

    though not from coventry this is the music and bands I grew up with but was too drunk or too young to think about taking photos.

    looking forward to the rest, keep that scanner on 24/7 🙂

  • John O'Sullivan

    Hi Mark, just chanced upon your photos on this site. A very cool collection of shots! I want to see more. Eyeless in Gaza are living legend, a bit like Attrition, you can’t stop true genious! I was in a band with Martyn Bates for a few years, late 80s early 90s. Just wanted to add another band from the early days, called The Time. Yes, I was in that band too, we did a demo at John Rivers studio in Leamington (Woodbine number 1) and played with the Reluctant Stereotypes and the Mix, but most bizarrely, we are reforming for a school reunion gig in June, 30 years after we deformed! June 2011, the Time will live again! I think we were in Alternative Sounds fanzine, but we were always around, becoming a band called 20 Days, then the hungry i, then My Favourite Things. I now play with a punk band called Limozine (who still record in Cov at Cabin studios) and a band called The Snakes. Johnx

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this is then

A visual record of the Coventry music scene 1979-1981 by Mark Osborne.

A work in progress.

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