Gods Toys, The Climax

Gods Toys playing at The Climax, date unknown. Bit of a struggle to pull images off the negs, but a few okay shots in there.

Dil, Gods Toys, The Climax

Dil, Gods Toys, The Climax


  • Andy Pettit

    Gave Dill and Nicky Kavaz a lift from M1 Staples Corner to Coventry, would have been April 79, snow everywhere, before I ever lived in Cov. Difficult to keep up a conversation with Dill, a man of few words, Nicky Kavaz saved the day however, told me about the Special AKA who might make a bit of a name for themselves! Had to drop them off into the fields by Corley cos no-one knew what was a good place to jump out, just saw the spires and hoped for the best. Any more pics to come, Osborne?

  • marko

    Pretty much all done – got a few rolls of the mighty Furious Apples still to scan – but thats another era altogether…


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