Criminal Class at the Zodiac, probably early 1980

My final film of Criminal Class, at the Zodiac again, don’t known who the support band are supported by Catch 22 (thanks to Gary Meffen for the update). Film was very faint so probably none of these shots were printed at the time and for some reason there is quite a few audience shots.

I’ve now scanned my entire set of negs documenting the Cov scene, round about a 100 films, which means, assuming I can manage to free up the time, there is still about six months work to process the raw scans and upload them to this site.

Audience, Criminal Class gig, Zodiac, probably early 1980

Audience, Criminal Class gig, Zodiac, probably early 1980


  • Milan

    Hi Mark. More extraordinary images of bands and, just as importantly, audience. Where are they now? Sad to see very very few comments, despite your most sterling efforts and almost religious zeal!!! Incidentally, have you got any pics of Ded Yampy, the “band”, not the “fanzine”, featuring one Silly Pete, a true stalwart of the Cov punk “scene”? Keep on truckin’!!!

  • marko

    Hi Milan,
    no shots of the mighty Ded Yampy I’m afraid.

  • Andy G

    Hey Mark, I feel the same as Milan, great band photos from back then but the social document of the audience is just as powerful. Where’s Silly Pete now? We used to meet on the train to Brum most weekends to see bands; looked just like Sid from the Pistols! Had a memorable time catching the mail train back to Cov in the early hours with him….. can just about remember. Will spread the word about your great site. Cheers

  • marko

    hi Andy
    thanks for positive feedback

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