Clique and The Targets, Swanswell Tavern 19 July 1979

Clique and The Targets at the Swanswell Tavern (plus an unknown band Close Rivals a band with a sax player), 19 July 1979. Is shot of someone in the audience holding a copy of Alternative Sounds 5 (I did the cover, but don’t have a copy now). This is another very poor quality film but I think this is the only shots I have of The Targets plus is a nice shot of Clique getting down with their fans.

Clique and friends get down at the Swanswell

Le Clique so chic. Clique and friends get down at the Swanswell.


  • Roy Spencer

    Hi Mark

    I make the date of this gig to be 19 July 1979. The first band were called Close Rivals and it was 30p to get in. I was there but I’m not in any of the pictures!

    The Clique and The Targets played at the Swanswell again on 16 August 1979.


  • marko

    thanks for that, I’ve updated the post and the image captions.

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