Bron Area, Squad, Prince Hammer, Don Cherry, The Slits

Three quite different films uploaded this evening.

Bron Area gig at Club 77 in Nuneaton, with Alain Royer on gituar.

Squad being filmed by the BBC at the General Wolfe, with a certain amount of confusion supplied by their enthusiastic fans.

The Slits at Coventry Theatre, September 1979, where the audience not able to cope with a punk band doing new stuff (tour was in support of The Cut album) invade the stage. As I tried to photo this unfortunate action the film snapped in my camera.

Musically the gig was also memorable for Don Cherry (Neneh Cherrys father) one of the support acts who played an unusual african instrument looking like a mutant gituar (a doussn’gouni according to wikipedia).

Don Cherry, Coventry Theatre, 21st September, 1979

Don Cherry, Coventry Theatre, 21st September, 1979


  • Magoo

    I played on that tour, with Hammer, many good days with Creation Rebel on that tour. Much love to Arry Up of d Slits.

  • marko


    are you in any of the shots – if so I’ll add you to the caption


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