this is then @ The Tin, April 2020, more details

this is then April 3-10 2020

More info about my exhibition at The Tin in April 2020, where I will be showing a set of large scale prints – the first time any of this work has been exhibited. this is then – a visual record of the Coventry Music Scene 1979-81.

It runs for a week – from Friday 3rd April to Friday 10th. Work will be displayed in both the venue and in the community space and it will usually be open 11am to 5pm, and its supported by gigs, performances and workshops, that take a journey from this is then, to this is now.

This is all free – except the Attrition gig – £6 advance, £8 on the door.
The show is financially supported by Coventry City of Culture Trust click here to check out their colourful website.

3rd 6–8pm this is then Show opening
3rd 8pm Attrition + DJ Mark Cook £6 / £8
5th 1–4pm Alex Miles vs Mark Osborne
8th 11am–5pm Ashley James Brown, Processing Community Day Coventry

Friday 3rd April Attrition

Without Martin Bowes Alternative Sounds fanzine its unlikley I would of taken any of these shots. He’s also been fronting Attrition since then – still standing & just back from a tour of Japan – so its great to have him onboard with Attritions first gig in Cov for five years.

DJ Mark Cook

Marks Mark E. Smith Fall events got me into experimenting with my images – projecting them at the old CET print room & at The Tin which was then the inspiration for doing a show there.

Sunday April 5th Alex Miles vs Mark Osborne

I’ll be doing some sort of ‘audio reactive performative visuals’ (ha) with Alex Miles – who will be doing the audio – this is more a improvised performance than gig and will be happening on the sunday afternoon in The Tin venue, along side a daytime canal basin event.

Alex Miles

Alex Miles is part of the mighty SynthCurious who have been doing lots of really neat synth based stuff in Cov over the last few years.

Wednesday 8th April – Ashley James Brown – Processing Community Day Coventry

Ashley James Brown

Ashley James Brown is an awesome Cov based ‘creative coder’ dude who is putting on Processing Community Day Coventry – assisted by me. I think you can or will be able to sign up for this via this Processing Community Day Coventry link.
For more about Processing Community Day check here.

Also thanks to Sarah at The Tin for enthusiastic support and sensible advice.

There will be further posts in the run up to the show in April, including a couple of films I’ve since found that could do with being uploaded to the site.

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this is then

A visual record of the Coventry music scene 1979-1981 by Mark Osborne.

A work in progress.

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