• Alan Rider

    Check out a composite video with a rare Wild Boys live recording from 1981 on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmGIUjHFI4Y

  • Roy Spencer

    The unknown band playing at the Swanswell Tavern with the Wild Boys was probably the Denizens, from Birmingham. The date was 12 July 1979 and admission was 30p.

  • marko

    thanks for that, I’ve updated the captions with your info

  • Robert Lapworth

    It’s Rob Lapworth, not Ron…but nice to see some of the pictures survived. If the Swanswell Tavern gig was May Day, the band was the Emotion Pictures from Stroud, a Cherry Red signed band I believe. We gigged with other bands from our label on a few occasions. Keep the good work up. I hope you exhibit in the near future, it’s a great record of a great time and you were just as big a part of what was going on as the bands.

  • marko

    hi Rob (sorry bout name typo)
    thanks for the info. I’ve still got over 20 films to scan and process, but end objective is to do a bit more than just this site.


  • Roy Spencer

    Hi Mark

    The latest Wild Boys set, labelled ‘Zodiac, with support’, was on 7 November 1979 and cost the usual 30p to get in.

    The support wasn’t exactly the International Megastars but an earlier incarnation called State Express. Denim-clad guitarist Idle Rich and vocalist Ratty Ray were in both bands.

    An 18-year-old version of me can be seen to the far left of image 16, with my mates Martin and Janet standing next to me.

  • marko

    Hi Roy
    thanks for the info.
    I’ve updated the post & glad I got you in the rather faint audience shot.

  • Tony Lynch

    Hello Mark, I can remember the Matrix gig because the busses were on strike that day, We were worried about people not being able to get there. Also, Mad Steve’s kit got a good bashing that night cos it was easier to keep the same kit on stage. All my love to all the bands and all the fans! Tony x

  • m47k0

    Hi – thanks for that – remember was a lot of waiting around but not bus strike – the Matrix I would been able to walk to.

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