• Phil Clarke

    I thought I could help on this one: There was a photo from the same gig in Damn Latin #7, but it doesn’t give a precise date, “first half of 1980” would be my best guess.

  • marko

    hi Phil,

    thanks for that
    – the Fall website has a huge ‘gigography’ – which doesn’t have the Wolfe gig…


  • Roy Spencer

    Hi Mark

    The Fall gig at the General Wolfe was on 24 October 1980, according to my notes from that time. Entry was £2.00.

  • marko


    thanks for that

    should be another set of Fall shots (in a few months) from a gig a Dudley JBs


  • Peter Davies

    Sorry to say but Mark died, 2015

  • marko

    See above.

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