• Roy Spencer

    Hi Mark

    The unknown band was the Wall, who were the Upstarts’ tour support. They have a website: http://www.thewallmusic.co.uk/. The full line-up was Riot Act/The Wall/Squad/Angelic Upstarts. The date was 11 October 1979 and tickets were just £2.

    I remember the gig quite well because a gang of skinheads, rumoured to be from Birmingham, decided to throw tables around when the Upstarts started their set. The band had to leave the stage until the skins had been ejected.


  • marko


    great stuff, captions etc should be updated by time you read this. As I mentioned I have a few shots of the Upstarts on another film, but there might also be a few of Squad at Tiffanys, which are maybe also from this gig.
    Thanks again


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