• Milan

    Hosanna in excelsis! Thanks for sharing these images with us Mark – a truly marvelous and unique band…….we will never see their like again etc etc

  • Andrea Smith

    Thanks so much for being willing to share these moments, Mark.
    I was at this gig. God’s Toys – always entertaining,creative and innovative. They were definitely before their time.
    June 2011.

  • Andy G

    Excellent site and ace pictures. God’s Toys were great live; followed them around Cov and on the Adam & Ants tour on the guest list, they were so good at Tiffanys that the Ants roadies pulled the plug on them! Knew John Hobley the drummer from school; that tour was about the end for them. Remember last seeing Dill fronting “I” in the Coventry Catheadral; that was a bit weird. Cheers ; )-

  • chris

    anybody know where dill is now?

    he was a really good friend of mine…….

  • Nick Kavaz

    These are the best photo’s, outside of the BBC gig, I ever saw of us.
    Recently, myself (Nick Kavaz) & Steve Gilmore (The ‘Manager’ at the time) have digi-mixed15 tracks, from final mixes, done at various studios.
    I have used the photo’s you took of us to make a film accompanying the track ‘Rose’.
    I have accretited the photographs to yourself.
    I have left them unchanged, other than to ‘videoise’ them.
    I will send you a link to You Tube, since that is still private, whilst being completing i.e. checking things like this.
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Nick Kavaz.

  • marko

    Hi Nick
    Well there my best shots of Gods Toys for sure.
    I’ll drop you an email.
    Look forward to seeing the clip
    Is another Gods Toys film to come but not as good as the Butts gig


  • Nick Kavaz

    The following link is to Rose.
    The photography was courtesy of This & Then (Marko), for which we greatly apprecative. [GODS TOYS]


  • Nick Kavaz

    Great site.
    Hundreds of brilliant pictures, of some of the best bands on the scene, at the time.
    Cool Work Mark,

  • marko

    thanks Nick!

    Is there any Gods Toys stuff online that I can link to?


  • Nick Kavaz

    Hi Marko

    The Climax pictures were top – cheers

    Thanks for for the use of your photo’s Marco, I think some of the Climaz pics. even got in somewhere, towards the end. ie 15 songs of album by 2012 end.

    Website seems to be godstoys@google.com, just google Youtube. &

    HNY Marko & to all who enjoyed the pics & tunes

    Nick K

  • Linda

    Hi. Just doing old times. Curious. Xxx

  • marko

    thanks for checking out the site
    before this global pandemic there was going to be an exhibition in Cov (check the blog posts) this should be happening when its safe to do so

  • Rosamund Hoggard

    Hi Nick
    How are you doing.
    Long time no see.
    Great to see you are still involved in playing music.
    Good memories of music in Brighton.
    Take care

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