Criminal Class

Coventry’s number one Oi band.

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  1. Richie


    thank u so much for uploading all these criminal call pics. i was searching the mighty internet for years , to get some info/pics of this band, cauz i have to say-> this band is one of my favorit oi! bands from the u.k!!! i always thought they´ve been tooo underground, to speak so, cauz i couldn´t find anything of them. until now. DAMN GREAT PICS….and i saw them just once at the last h.i.t.s. festival in 2003….. :(

    greez from vienna

    May 9, 2012

  2. marko
  3. Meff

    After talking with Craig in a pub about his dream to form a band I remember catching the bus to Craigs house. Had a beer spent about 3 hours writing songs and we played with no other rehearsals. I remember it being a great concert made up completely on the spot. Rickie Bristow the bassist – his first ever gig – was playing so hard that his strumming hands was covered in blood and in true punk spirit didn’t feel a thing. I think we did Lets Dance renamed Lets Fight 3 times! Craig was a star


    May 24, 2012

  4. Meff

    Support band at the Zodiac is CATCH 22, I think we were quite good.

    June 9, 2012

  5. marko


    I can see it now on the vocalists top, anymore info on the band, I’ll update the captions & do you a band page


    June 9, 2012

  6. Meff

    Cheers Mark. Lead Singer Martin Murphy, Bassist Kev who went on to play bass for 21 Guns, Vern on Drums, and me on Guitar. Martin had just got out of prison and he was a powerful vocalist We only played about 4 times one infamous night in Leamington where one of our roadies beat up the local (drunk) vicar and we were chased by the local working men club dockers until the cops turned up.
    Thanks so much for putting these photos on the web, please put the other Homicide ones up when you get a chance
    thanks again

    June 11, 2012

  7. Alan Rider

    Its Winson Green I think, not Winston.

    Yours pedantically……

    January 20, 2013

  8. marko




    January 20, 2013