• Chris Norbury

    “pretty neat”!
    I think we would have settled for that description at the time. Thanks for the photos – I remember that gig as if it was yesterday. Which it evidently wasn’t. Love the bored (and very young-looking) girls.
    Chris (the blurry one)

  • Chris Norbury

    Great to see the three other Clique sets too, if a bit freaky after almost 34 years. I still have one of your prints from the Heath Hotel gig – not sure if we ever paid you for them.

    You really captured the moment.

    All the best,

    Chris (the longish-haired one)

  • marko


    mystery band – blame Alan Rider for that – I wasn’t sure it was – but he was – I’ll update the site

    & glad to here you’ve still got the photo after all this time


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