Industrial, ‘darkcore’, band setup by Martin Bowes in 1981 and still moving forward and in action today. Without Martin there would of been no Alternative Sounds fanzine which was a catalyst for much of the scene in Coventry, no Alternative sounds and none of the photos in this site would of been taken.

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  • jules

    Attrition were great at this gig at the Queens, really dark and primitive..i seem to remember this was just before their first flexi came out.
    Idol Eyes in support and also with Finhams’ mighty Delayed Reaction on first playing their second gig..- there were a maximum of 15 people there, which included assorted local Hillfields prostitutes and bemused oldtimers nursing pints..
    The gaffer of the Queens was ranting as a toilet window had been broken..- all great fun as a 14 yr old.

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