• Meff

    Amazing didn’t know these photos existed. Bev had the special dinosaur suit made especially!!

  • Donna Freelove

    Have lots and lots of photos from way back when. Would also love to be in touch with Meff. Site looking great .. Loads of old memories.

  • Lianne

    Amazing photos! I was married to the drummer of Homocide, Pete Thompson, until he sadly passed away in 2003. We met in 1984 so I was never lucky enough to see him play with the band. This is the only picture we have ever seen. Can’t wait to show our 2 daughters the youngest of which, Kate, is also a musician on the Coventry pub scene with her band The Prophets and she is an awesome drummer just like her Dad. Thank you so much. This has made my day finding this site!

  • Meff

    My brother has just given me a cd of the matrix gig. I am sure that if anyone wants to suffer through a wh smith tape recorded he would cut one

  • jules

    Hello Meff, if its possible I would like a CDr copy of the Homicide set at the Matrix, – or even a tape copy would be great. I was only 14 at the time but used to get into all the obvious places, and being from Finham used to go see Monachy, Delayed Reaction, etc & all the other local area bands.Homicide were one of Covs best.
    I’ll pay the postage costs of course & any other costs involved in copying the cdr, so please get in touch .

    07470 316928


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