• Pete Becker

    Yes, the gig at the Lanch where Eyeless supported This Heat… I remember they turned up late as they had problems with their van. I think that they didn’t really get a soundcheck as I remember helping Charlie Bullen to quickly set up his amp on top of a chair in an impromptu fashion! All a bit stressful, but they played a real blinder. I was really impressed by Charles Hayward’s biscuit tin for a tom tom as part of his drumkit! I’ve never stopped being a fan.

  • Phil Clarke

    This is a really interesting site, Mark, I reckon you’ve got a captive audience pre-made for your photos as they’re added; It’s like a window into the past.

  • marko

    hi Phil

    thanks for the comments – I hope some of the audience will remember it all better than me.

  • Phil Clarke

    Mark, I’ve got a b/w photo I can digitise of you taking photographs of the Gaza’s when they were supporting “The Silence” at the Lanch. Contact me through my e.mail address and I’ll pass it on if you’re interested, puts a new and incestuous slant on it all!

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